Development of www Interaction

Currently we can observe some sort of emulsion - a substance that binds two opposite things together and do not release them apart. In this case web helps us in understanding this phenomenon so as we can surf through the Internet more or less safely avoiding unpleasant sited with brutal, violent, or abusive content thanks to web emulsion interaction. In other words, web emulsion - or combination of different, even opposite points and reasons of every site - makes all the Internet users stick to certain rules of behaviour to communicate in a pleasant virtual environment.

Today we can hardly ever imagine a person not involved into a number of social networks or Internet transactions. Every person at least once was transacting through Internet today. And apart from it a huge number of operations, e-learning, e-commerce, finding information, founding, and doing lots of other useful acts are in progress every moment with the help of 0s and 1s. Few decades ago we could not think of such an overwhelming usage of electronic devices and being rooted into them so deep. Few decades ago a PC could cost you pretty sum - the sum you could have an entire house bought, and many people believed that humanity would never go insane on buying such expensive devices to play and communicate through rather than buying a house to live for the whole family.

But gradually we plunge into that fascinating and somehow imaginary world of web. It is imaginary because there we could become whatever person one might think of or creature that comes into one's mind. However, some of us become 'true-spiders' skilfully managing all the necessary acts while surfing through web, while others are still 'flies' trapped among incomprehensible programs and commands. Likely, with the help of many useful manuals and special trainings the amount of 'flies' decreases rapidly.